Top Albums Listened
Top Albums Listened

Musical curation & creative expression

Top Albums Listened

Accustomed as we are to Spotify’s cacophonous curation, collecting a personal discography is no longer the norm – with “TOP ALBUM” we see what we are lacking.

Digital Designer : Denis Paladin

By allowing the artist’s material to speak for themselves, designer Denis Paladin paints a spacious and modern piece, allowing each selection the breathing space to showcase their talent. The bold and simplistic typography does not detract nor clash with individual styles, and the overlaying of text adds interest while allowing clear legibility. Warms reds and golds employed add interest without detraction, and ‘regal’ associations emphasise the artists individual successes – as royalty of their musical genre. 

What was once reserved for a scratched CD mixtape now enters the digital age. 

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“When anybody pays you to be creative, you’re very lucky.” – Childish Gambino

"To record the perfect album. That is my dearest wish." - Ryuichi Sakamoto