Understanding time in monochrome

Short essay about time

By abstracting time with symbolism, our designer’s graphic essay provokes understanding in a timely manner.

Digital Designer : Denis Paladin

Abstracting time requires deep understanding and a philosophical slant – with “Short Essay About Time” all this is achieved and more – by illustrating the possibilities of a new way of perceiving time. 

A complex concept illustrated with symbolism and science – “Short Essay On Time” stylishly and graphically illustrates an abstract concept. Using minimalistic colourways and design, we see a concept realised through shape and form. Through animation and pixelation. Bringing to mind symbols from the ancients, “Short Essay…” successfully captures frayed attention in an over-stimulated world.

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“Entropy - the thermodynamic magnitude that indicates the degree of disorder of a system” - Oxford Dictionary

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - Einstein