Seat Mo
Seat Mo

Revolutionising urban mobility for the conscious consumer

Seat Mo

As e-transport is taking the world by storm, SEAT Mo steps into the Global market from Barcelona, Spain – allowing 100% emissions-free transport for a greener riding experience.

Cliente : Seat MO
Agency : C14torce
Dirección Creativa : Isa Espona
Director de arte : Martin Rizzo
Digital Designer : Diego Troiano

Employing our designer Martin’s expertise, SEAT MO’s logo was adapted to improve legibility on all communication platforms and bring its eye-catching design to centre stage. Why compromise on design when choosing electric? Seat Mo delivers in functionality, design, and real-world purpose – encouraging us to make the change to a greener form of transport.

With its modern, attention-grabbing graphics and inclusive messaging, making the sustainable choice will never again be a sacrifice.

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“The SEAT MÓ 125 electric scooter seamlessly blends agile performance, dynamic looks, and low running costs.” -

“This is the perfect way to evolve the Seat offering and move away from the conventional...It's the definitive next step on our electrification journey”
- Richard Harrison (Managing Director - SEAT UK)

"Because it’s battery-powered, it has no toxic exhaust emissions and contributes nothing to atmospheric CO2.” -

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