Ryuichi Sakamoto
Ryuichi Sakamoto

Defining an artist in colour

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Like the music he creates, our first glimpse of CODA is a many-layered portrait of an artist – elegant linework and “Great Wave” inspired colours composing his image like notes on a stave.

Digital Designer : Denis  Paladin

Representing a virtuoso such as Ryuichi Sakamoto presents challenges – how can a single work encapsulate such a manifold career? As different imagery combines in CODA, we see how contrasting styles and colourways celebrate the range of Sakamoto’s work. The linearity and sketch-style of the portrait allow the sharp colour highlights to stand out, much like embellishments in an epic musical odyssey. Reducing visual clutter and graphical noise allows the face of the artist to take centre stage – with concise and classical Japanese calligraphy paying homage to his beginnings.

While portraying an artist as influential and accomplished as Sakamoto, the urge to overcompensate can be powerful – but instead, as with his music – employing simplicity allows his work to resonate the loudest. 

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“The world is full of sounds. We just don't usually hear them as music.” - Ryuichi Sakamoto

“I've realised that if it is to remain relevant, contemporary music needs to change.” - Ryuichi Sakamoto