NYC Ballet Academy

An art form built on control and executed with style and grace…

Client : Ficticious (NYC Ballet)
Design Direction : Martin Rizzo
Creative Direction : Martin Rizzo
Typography : Martin Rizzo

NYC Ballet’s redesign allows us to see dance movement through another lens – by stripping back distraction, the simplicity and beauty of NYC Ballet is allowed to shine. Monochrome colourways allow the focus to be held by the dancer – the simplistic complexity of dance needs nothing more to enchant. 

As ballet evolves in line with the diversity of society, we watch NYC Ballet as it moves ahead of the curve – replacing antiquated traditions with the smooth linearity of the future. 

By opting for minimalistic imaging and modern typography, NYC Ballet is brought to the 21st century – allowing diversity, modernity and history to exist as one. 

NYC Ballet – where ballet is generations away from boring.

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“New York City Ballet is one of the foremost dance companies in the world, with a roster of spectacular dancers and an unparalleled repertory.” - NYC Ballet

“We formed with the goal of producing and performing a new ballet repertory that would reimagine the principles of classical dance.” - NYC Ballet