Digital connectivity for the “work-from-home” generation


As “working-from-home” becomes the new normal, we are seeing an explosion of tech to keep up with the times – as a newcomer, FICHAP brings connectivity for our new way of working. 

Client : FICHAP
Digital Designer : Martin Rizzo

Employing nature-inspired colourways sets FICHAP apart from its corporate brethren – by adding nature and nurture to its functionality, and streamlining remote management with clearly positioned design elements. The typography courts current technological influences and ‘LCD display’ nostalgia, resulting in a trustworthy yet modern brand realisation. 

If the future is remote-work, the tools used must live up to the challenge of maintaining connectivity – with FICHAP this is achieved with ease. 

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“Like many ventures…the idea was born out of necessity” - FICHAP

“Your HR one click away” - FICHAP

“Real-time information, wherever and whenever you need it." - FICHAP