Escalation to pandemonium


Monochromatic panic.

Digital Designer : Martin Rizzo

With its turbulence and freeform aspect, “Date”’s central animation comments on the ever-evolving emotions ripping through our society as we live through a pandemic. Set upon a monochromatic backdrop and floating freely, the absence of colour echoes the clinical reality of COVID-19. 

Sharply flashing animation evokes emergency lights, with the rapidity of motion drawing parallels to the instability of this situation for many around the world. Scrolling through an increasing death-toll drives home the loss and real panic, as numbers multiply astronomically. An emotive and shocking piece, the real data displayed is sobering, with the design communicating this dark reality.

#Strategy, #Naming, #Creative Concept, #Art Direction, #Animation, #Video Production, #Campaign Activation

“Globally, as of 2:42 PM CEST, 2 JUNE 2020, 6,194,533 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 376,320 deaths, reported to HHO.” - DATE