1080 SSN
1080 SSN

Sound as design

1080 SSN

Monochromatically expressing the musical journey, “1080_SSN” showcases the complexity of the recording process – the animation bringing to mind the many moving parts of music production.

Client : 1080_SSN
Digital Designer : Martin Rizzo

By overlaying dark and modern typography with videos of performance, a mood-heavy atmosphere is created, showing the possibilities of post-production effect use. 

Designed to be shared and viewed on multiple platforms, the compressible nature of the design translates to different viewing platforms perfectly, while the strong and linear typography remains clear and attention-grabbing throughout. 

Minimalistic design allowing the music to take centre stage. 

#Strategy, #Naming, #Creative Concept, #Art Direction, #Animation, #Video Production, #Campaign Activation

"1080 SESSIONS is an audiovisual collective that records and broadcasts live music performances, by recording a song in sequence. Its objective is to create a common space for digital connection between artists and the community.
The project was created in 2019. Aimed at generating content of cultural interest from creative, diverse and high-quality music programming." - 1080 Sessions

– 1080 SESSIONS is presented from Barcelona, promoting artists from all over the world –